Boundary Disputes

“Good fences make good neighbors.”  This is a 17th century proverb and the last line of the 1914 Robert Frost poem Mending Wall.  It also serves to remind property owners of the importance of knowing and respecting the physical boundaries of their lands and the lands of others.  Unresolved boundary disputes can be frustrating, and if left unresolved, can lead to bigger problems.

Dozens of laws, rules and protocols can be applied to determine the location of unknown property boundaries.  Surveyors are often employed to aid in these determinations, but surveyors are not real estate lawyers.  Only a real estate lawyer with experience in such issues can provide the legal basis necessary to resolve boundary disputes, including property line discrepancies, encroachments, adverse possession claims and easement issues.

Boundary disputes, like other forms of legal disagreement, are often best resolved through working with the parties to arrive at a mutually agreeable resolution.  But if it takes going to court, Attorney Walker works with surveyors and title abstractors to provide the data and expert input needed to get the results you deserve.

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