Real Estate

Attorney Walker is an experienced real estate lawyer who knows how to meet his clients’ needs thanks to his own hands on experience in real estate.

Prior to entering the practice of law, Mr. Walker worked for over ten years in the banking industry in various real estate and small business lending and management positions. Additionally, Attorney Walker is active in his own real estate development activities. These experiences give him a broad range of expertise in the field of real estate law.

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Real Estate Services

Buying & Selling Real Estate

The services of a real estate lawyer are critical when buying or selling real estate.

Mortgages & Financing

We can help you find and evaluate the right mortgage or financing opportunity.

Family Transfers & Gifts

Our experience with these transactions will help you to safely make your desired gift.

Real Estate Development

Attorney Walker provides experienced representation for each step of the real estate development process.

Zoning & Regulation

Attorney Walker can analyze the laws and regulations and cut through the red tape to get you the permits you deserve.

Landlord & Tenant Matters

We counsel our clients on a full range of landlord and tenant matters in an effort to avoid disputes.

Boundary Disputes

Attorney Walker works with surveyors and title abstractors to provide the data and expert input needed to get the results you deserve.