Additional Services

Our law offices offer additional small business services including, but not limited to, business counseling, employment matters, debt collection, and taxation.

Feel free to explore our information on these services, and contact our offices to inquire about your small business needs.

Additional Small Business Services

Many people only think to contact an attorney if they have a legal problem. However, Attorney Walker also counsels clients on the many aspects of starting, owning and operating a small business.

Being a successful small business owner, Attorney Walker can offer clients insight and advice on how to best meet the challenges that every business owner faces. With Attorney Walker’s guidance, you can put the pieces together and confidently tackle any business decision.

Pennsylvania employment laws are a complicated and ever-changing web of federal and state statutes, regulations and court decisions. Employers and employees often find it difficult to know their respective rights and their duties in this ever-changing environment.

Contact our offices for assistance with your employment issues.

Attorney Walker can assist clients who are owed money or owe money on contracts, business loans or business debts. Contact our offices to discuss your particular issue.

Taxes are a fact of life for small business owners. Fortunately, under our local, state and federal tax systems, avoiding taxes and business planning to minimize taxes are well established and accepted practices.

Contact our offices if you need assistance with your tax matters.