Buying or Selling Real Estate

Most people use a real estate agent when buying or selling real estate. Real estate agents provide valuable marketing and negotiating experience. However, real estate agents are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice. Only an experienced real estate lawyer can protect your legal interests.

The services of a real estate lawyer are critical if you are buying or selling real estate. If you are buying or selling real estate without a real estate agent (For Sale by Owner or “FSBO”), you need a real estate lawyer. Attorney Walker can help with all the aspects of a sale transaction.

Make sure you contact Attorney Walker before you sign any paperwork. Legal representation can be rather affordable, particularly when compared to the cost of a mistake. Don’t cut corners. Retain the services of Attorney Walker to protect your investment.

Services offered include document preparation, title searches, deed research, title insurance, certificates of title, document review, contract negotiation, real estate litigation and dispute resolution.

Title insurance and settlement services are provided by our in-house title insurance agency, Accord Realty Transfers, Inc.