Wills & Estates

For most people, planning for what happens when they become ill or pass is not complicated or expensive.  But for one reason or another many folks avoid putting even a simple estate plan in place.  Everyone should at least have a will, power of attorney and a healthcare power of attorney/living will to make sure their affairs will be properly managed, their health care wishes followed and their property passed to those they intend to benefit.

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Estate Planning Services

Estate Planning

Do you have a plan in place for your estate?


Every adult should have a will to ensure that upon their passing, their property is distributed according to their wishes.

Healthcare Powers of Attorney & Living Wills

Let us help you make your healthcare power of attorney and living will what you want them to be – an important and viable part of your estate plan.

Powers of Attorney

Ask us about how a power of attorney document might benefit you or a loved one as a part of your estate plan.

Estate Administration

If a friend or loved one has passed and you need help settling their affairs, ask about our estate administration services. You do not have to shoulder the responsibilities of administering an estate alone.